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Once again, our innovative OAC staff man, Chip Wolfe, has produced another tool to assist open-air preachers wherever they may minister.  This time, Chip has constructed a portable fold-up platform on which to stand.  This platform gives the preacher elevation while preaching to enhance the Gospel presentation.  It's the same principle as the old soap box, but a lot more professional!  Sometimes just that little bit of elevation while preaching is all it takes to capture and hold the attention of those passing by.  Of course, we realize ultimately it is the Holy Spirit who does this work, but the Lord has seen fit to use us in this process of getting their attention and effectively presenting the life-saving message.  Standing just above the crowd also enhances voice projection so even those standing at the very back of a large crowd can hear what is being proclaimed.  A sturdy metal handle is attached to this unit so when folded, is easily transported to and from meeting locations.

Chip will custom-build the sketchboard platform to suit your particular ministry needs.  Click here to contact him regarding pricing and other details.

Approximate weight:
32 pounds
Height when folded: 24"
Height when open: 5 1/2" 
Width when open: 48"
Depth (front to back of platform when open): 24"

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